How to transfer videos to Kindle Fire tablet?

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In the recent times, Amazon has released a series of low cost and feature rich Kindles. The Kindle Fire tablet is one among such tablets which is integrated with great features. One of the main reasons that make the people attracted to this tablet is the low price. The price of the tablet is very low when compared to any other tablet PCs.

How to transfer videos to Kindle Fire tablet?


It is a multi touch device that features full colour 7” inches display. The Kindle Fire tablet carries all the built in features of a Tablet PC. Some of the exciting features of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet are music, Wi-Fi connectivity, games, cloud accelerate web access, silk browser etc. Therefore it is one among the greatest releases from Amazon.

The Kindle fire tablet operates on the synchronization technology. This technology helps the user to stream the content of the audio/video from the tablet to any other external devices.

How to transfer videos to Kindle Fire tablet?


The Amazon’s whispersync enhances the user experience as it helps to resume the playback on the HDTV from the tablet without even stopping the play back on the tablet. In order to improve the browsing experience the Kindle Fire tablet is equipped with Amazon’s silk browser which utilizes the Amazon Web Service.

The advantage of using this browser is that it can easily fetch any complex web page faster. The silk browser in Kindle Fire tablet supports the popular Flash File format. One of the other exciting features of Kindle Fire tablet is the cloud content access. Thus the Kindle Fire Tablet has high capability in pulling out the contents in a much faster manner.

The Kindle Fire tablet is excellent for viewing videos. Some of the steps involved in streaming the videos using Kindle fire Tablet are described below. The simplest way to watch DRM free videos of your choice is by using Miro.

  • First of all the user has to download and install the Miro. The user have to special care while downloading Miro as the file should support the videos that the user wants to transfer to the Kindle Fire tablet.

  • Now start adding your videos to Miro by selecting the file. Open the file and choose the videos that you need to watch.

How to transfer videos to Kindle Fire tablet?


  • With the help of a micro USB cable, connect the Kindle fire tablet to the computer.

  • Drag the selected videos to the left pane as soon as the Kindle Fire Tablet displays “connect”.

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