How to transform your photos with HDR effect?

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High Dynamic Ranging or HDR is a light based imagery improvement technique which can be associated with 3D or virtual imagery. High dynamic ranging technology is usually used when the photographer has a dark image and wants it to have more contrast, thereby transforming the dark image into a much bright looking one. To put it in nutshell, HDR illuminates your dark image at a higher range, thereby adding to the depth of the image output.

How to transform your photos with HDR effect?

Combining the following techniques, you can make your image output have a greater depth.

Taking snaps at same angle

Photos taken at same point of focus with several variations

How to transform your photos with HDR effect?

For using the HDR effect, a camera that can capture photos at great luminance levels, is required. You should use two images in the jpeg type. Using a tripod would ensure that the pictures are aligned. One image can also be used to apply the HDR technique.

The steps that you should follow to apply the HDR effect are given below:

  • Use Photomatix Pro software with a recommended v4.1

  • Open the Photomatrix and select the Load Bracketed Photos on the left side of the window, in the WorkFlow Shortcuts window.

  • Select the ‘Align Source images’ option and click ‘Load’.

  • To control high ISO images, use the ‘Reduce Noise’ option

  • To handle images with a little motion blur, use the ‘Reduce Ghosting artifacts’ option

  • After conversion to jpeg type images, select the effect you want from the tray which is at the bottom

  • Once the image is ready, select ‘Tone Mapping’ feature

  • Set the strength value to 100 in the Tone Mapping option

  • Set your desired values for color and contrast

  • To add light effects to the picture, use the ‘Light Enhancements’ option

  • Setting values for the exposure, compressing tones and color balances, you will be able to see a preview of the output

  • Click the process button, when you see the desired preview of the output

  • Save the image and you will see the magic of the HDR effect

How to transform your photos with HDR effect?

For RAW files,

  • Select the Batch Single Photo option

  • Load the image

  • Set the desired values for all those mentioned above

  • Run your settings

  • Convert the image to jpeg if you don’t see any difference

This way, you can improve your photos with better luminance and lighting effects.

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