How to turn on airplay feature in iPhone?

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AirPlay technology is mainly used in the iOS5 based Apple devices in order to enhance the users to output the iPhone screen on to the Apple TV screen. The working is mainly based on the transfer of the television signal from the iPhone to the users Apple TV.


Users can also send the audio signals from the music app on to the devices that are enabled by means of AirPlay. Wireless streaming of music is also made possible by means of enabling AirPlay.


AirPlay Mirroring is a technology that works even if the application does not come with the required AirPlay capability.


Here are some of the following ways through which users can turn on their AirPlay feature in their iPhone device.


Home Sharing

  • Enable the AirPlay on users Apple TV

  • For enabling, users will have to navigate towards the ‘Settings’ page

  • Then select ‘AirPlay’ on the Apple TV

  • Make it ON


Get to Air Play

  • Go to the multi-tasking bar

  • Go to the Home Screen

  • Click the Home button twice

  • Users will now have to swipe on to the left side if they need to access the music controls


Volume Controls


  • Swipe on the left side to get the music controls

  • Again swiping on to the left side will launch the AirPlay menu

  • Now the users can see the volume control

  • AirPlay button is also provided and the users can use it too


Turning On AirPlay


How to turn on airplay feature in iPhone?


  • The AirPlay menu will consist of the following choices such as iPhone, Apple TV

  • Check mark the ‘Apple TV’ option

  • The tab corresponding to the ‘Mirroring’ option should be Turned ON


Viewing Apple Television



  • Users will now be able to see their iPhone screen being replicated on the Apple Television after a few seconds since the AirPlay is turned ON

  • Users can also navigate their iPhone screen in order to see its replica on Apple TV


Web Browsing

  • Open a safari browser on your iPhone in order to see how it looks like in the users Apple TV

  • Users will be enhanced with the ultimate experience of zooming in as well as zooming out of the iPhone screen through the Apple TV




Movies on AirPlay

  • AirPlay functionality can be mainly used in order to enhance the users with full screen experience of movies that they are playing on their iPhone

  • Users will have to start the video on their iPhone

  • Click the AirPlay icon in order to send the video on to the users Apple TV


Pictures and Music


Users can also make use of this feature in order to experience the slide show image viewing on Apple TV that they see on their iPhone and also the regular listening of the music that the users have on their iPhone.

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