How to tweet in other languages using hashtags?

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Users might encounter situations in which it will be quite helpful for them to tweet in Twitter using multiple languages.

How to tweet in other languages using hashtags?

Users are advised to follow the below mentioned steps for tweeting in other languages.

Copy and Paste a tweet in to Google Translate

  • One of the most popular way is the copying as well as pasting of a tweet in to the Google Translate

  • It has to be noted that translation may not be accurate since it may not adhere to the grammar rules even though the translation from Google is relatively reliable

Ask your Tweets for Help

  • Share tweets with followers

  • Ask whether anyone can help in the translation process

  • Incase of multiple responses, users will have to compare them by checking for the mistakes

Addition of a Translate icon to Twitter

  • We need to use Greasemonkey script

  • It helps in the automatic translation of tweets in to the language of the user’s choice by means of Google Translate

  • This script can be used for the customization of the web page too

  • It also helps in the addition of small bits of JavaScript

  • Incase of Chrome, users will have to click on the link that denotes ‘Install’

  • Incase of FireFox, users will have to follow the below mentioned steps

    • Download Greasemonkey as a browser add-on

    • Install Greasemonkey

    • Restart the Browser

    • Navigate to ‘the specific userscripts page for Twitter translate’

    • Then finally click on the ‘Install Now’ tab

  • Incase of Safari, users will have to try Twitter translate Extension

  • After the installation of script, users will have to restart the browser

  • Log in to Twitter

  • Users can see a Translate button below the tweet incase the users come across any foreign language

  • Tap the Translate button

  • Users can see that the Tweet is automatically translated to user’s preferred language

 Use Twitterbots

  • Twitterbots are special accounts in Twitter through which users can send direct messages as well as reply to and get the information back

Users can make use of Twinslator as well as Tweet Translate for the translation of their own tweets. If the user is making use of a third party Twitter client, then it may also have a translate option in it.

For Tweetdeck

  • Navigate over the Twitter user’s avatar

  • Then the users will have to select ‘Other Actions’

  • Then click on Tweet

  • Finally the users will have to click on the Translate option

  • Users can see that the tweet will get automatically translated

 This is how users can tweet in other languages.

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