How to unfollow Facebook posts after commenting?

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How to unfollow Facebook posts after commenting?

Facebook sets you to follow a post after you have commented on it. This way, if you comment on a photo, you will get notifications when others comment after you. If the post becomes a debate, then your notifications will be overwhelming. There is a way to unfollow these posts.

This article will be very useful for those who keep commenting on lots of status updates, photos and links. Mostly, after we comment on a post of our friends and will not like to know what the others have commented. You can free yourself from knowing about what others have commented on it by adjusting the settings.

How to unfollow Facebook posts after commenting?

Steps to unfollow Facebook posts

  • Go to Notifications on the top left of your profile.

  • Select the post that you like to unfollow.

  • On the original status update, photo or link, click on Unfollow Post.

This way you can disable the social network from sending you notifications of the other comments that are made on this post.

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