How to upload music to a facebook page?

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Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social networking sites that are currently available for the users. It was officially launched in the year 2004 and since its launch it has close to 800 million active users as of now. Facebook enables the users to create their own profiles after registering in the Facebook site and can add friends as well as relatives from across the world and can chat with them.

Users can also join forums as well as groups. In total, Facebook provides the users with lots of fun. Users can upload their favorite music or tracks to their respective Facebook page too so that other users that may be your friends or relatives can hear the song whenever they visit your page.

How to upload music to a facebook page?

The following steps have to be followed in order to upload the music in to your Facebook page.

  • For uploading the music file to the Facebook page, users will have to note down the URL address of the location where music file is stored. Just like images, users can store music files too.

  • Log in on your Facebook account.

  • Navigate towards the page where the music has to be uploaded.

  • You can either upload the music on your home page or else you can upload the music on your friend’s wall.

  • Press the link icon that is present in the bottom of the text field.

  • Type the URL address of the respective music file.

  • Please note that the URL address should be typed in the Link text field.

  • Select the text field that is mainly present above the title named “Link”.

  • Type the Content that may be the name of the song or album.

  • Press the Attach button once done.

How to upload music to a facebook page?

  • Users will have to click the Unknown Artist as well as Unknown Album that will be represented as default especially in the Album as well as Artist area.

  • Users will have to enter the information regarding the music over there.

  • Once finished, Users will have to click the ‘Share’ button.

By uploading music, the user is in fact sharing his/her interest with other Facebook users which gives other friends also to hear a glimpse of your favorite songs. And it really acts as a means to bring people closer and closer there by bringing greater integration of the users across the world.

How to upload music to a facebook page?

This is how music is uploaded to the Facebook page.

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