How to use airplay mirroring?

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Airplay Mirroring is considered to be one of the best in class features present in the Apple based iOS5 devices.


But users would be wondering what really an Airplay mirroring is all about?


Well! It is a feature that allows the users inorder to display almost everything on their iPad2 as well as iPhone 4S wireless to the users HDTV through the Apple TV.

The fact is that it is not at all necessary to make use of HDMI cable since the feature has been designed in such a way that no HDMI cable is required.


How to use airplay mirroring?


The latest update of the iOS5 has proved to be such a major hit since everything on the user’s iOS devices have been now made AirPlay compatible. It has resulted in major increase in the user satisfaction levels.


Airplay allows the wireless streaming of the audio as well as video and images altogether by means of metadata that exists between the devices. The AirPlay sender devices include the iDevices such as iPhones, iPads as well as iPods. The Airplay receiver devices include the presence of devices such as Apple TV too.


Uses of Airplay Mirroring


  • Gaming

  • Presentations

  • Watching Videos

  • Browsing the internet


Enabling AirPlay Mirroring


The following steps have to be followed with utmost attention to enable the Airplay Mirroring on the user’s iOS device.

  • Users will have to ensure that their iPad2 already has iOS5 installed in it

  • If not, users will have to update their iPad2 to iOS5



  • Then the users will have to update their Apple TV to the latest software

  • Apple TV can be updated to the latest software by following the below mentioned steps;

    • Go to Settings

    • Then select General

    • Click on Update Software


      • Once the necessary software have been installed on both the devices, users will now have to turn on their Apple TV as well as users HDTV



      • Now on the users iPad2, users will have to double click on the home button to open the multi-tasking bar

      • Users can also open the multi-tasking bar by swiping with four or five fingers

      • Locate the music controls on the multi-tasking bar

      • Next to the Music Controls icon, users can see the AirPlay icon

      • Now the users can finally see that the screen from their iPad2 has been mirrored to the users Apple TV


This is how the users make use of Airplay Mirroring on their respective iPad2 as well as iPhone 4S devices.


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