How to use Amazon cloud player for playing music?

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Amazon Cloud Player is Amazon’s latest music streaming service that enables the users in accessing the audio libraries that is uploaded to the Amazon Cloud Drive that is present in a variety of Web- connected electronic products. The only exception is Apple’s ipad as well as ipad2. The Amazon Cloud Player for the android device is embedded within the Amazon MP3 App.


Thus this combination of Amazon Cloud Player helps the music enthusiasts in downloading, creating as well as streaming music. The article deals with the features of Amazon Cloud Player as well as the procedure to set up the Amazon cloud Player and its functionality.



How to use Amazon cloud player for playing music?



  • Download the Amazon MP3 App to the corresponding compatible android based device.

  • You can see two options namely; choose Amazon MP3 store to purchase music.

  • Launch the Amazon Cloud Player.

  • Select Launch the Amazon Cloud Player option.

  • Then select Cloud Drive Music.

  • Download your favorite tracks.
If you again want to find your favorite tracks that you have downloaded at any time.
  • Log out from your cloud player for the android account.

  • Go to the desktop.

  • Log in to the Amazon Cloud Player browser.

  • Then go back and log in to the phone.


How to use Amazon cloud player for playing music?



In creating your own play list of songs you will have to follow the following steps;

  • Select Create Play list option that is used for naming the list.

  • Add the favorite tracks by clicking the green colored “+” icons.

  • Click Done.

  • For removing the songs, Click EDIT.


How to use Amazon cloud player for playing music?



For assembling your favorite tracks in the handset that you are using, the On-Device music is especially used. As far as the quality of the audio is concerned, Amazon Cloud Player has the capability to play the song in its original bit rate quality.


Another version that is present is the Amazon Cloud Player Desktop which is a browser based music player that helps in playing songs as well as creating, managing as well as uploading of the audio files. But it has certain limitations that include the inability to upload the audio books as well as those files that is larger than 100MB in size.


Amazon Cloud Player also comes with 5GB of free storage space. And the storage capacity can be increased considerably as per the subscription you opt for. If you pay Rs.1, 000 per year you will get 20GB of storage capacity and the maximum subscription plan is Rs.50, 000 per year in which you get 1,000 GB of storage space.

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