How to use Facebook Credits?

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Facebook Credits can be considered as a virtual currency that can be used for buying virtual goods like any games or apps that is present on the Facebook platform that accepts payments. Users can purchase the Facebook credits within an app by making use of credit card as well as other payment methods such as PayPal etc.

How to use Facebook Credits?

For checking the balance, users are advised to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Account Settings in Facebook

  • Then the users will have to click on the tab that denotes ‘Payments’

  • Now for purchasing the Facebook Credits, users will have to select the ‘Buy More’ link that is present next to the ‘Credits Balance’ option

  • Users will be also able to see the balance on the right hand side of the user screen once the app is launched in the Facebook Games Panel

  • Users can now purchase the Facebook Credits by clicking the ‘Get More’ link that is located in the games panel

Buying Facebook Credits

  • Facebook credits can be purchased by means of using the preferred currency by using a major credit card

  • It has to be noted that whenever the user purchases a game or app that costs more than the Facebook credits that the users currently have in their account, then the users will be prompted to buy more credits that will be charged to the users payment method

How to use Facebook Credits?

  • For viewing a list of currencies that are available, users will have to click on the ‘Change’ tab that is present next to ‘Preferred Currency’

  • Users can see that the purchase in the non-US currencies are converted to US Dollars by making use of current exchange rate

  • Facebook Credits are then included to the users account at $0.10 each

Using Facebook Credits

  • Facebook Credits are commonly used while playing games as well as any apps on the desktop computer or the users mobile device

  • Virtual Purchases as well as packages related to currency are achieved by using Facebook Credits

Viewing Recent Purchase history

Users will be able to find the information regarding the recent purchases following the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Facebook Home page

  • On the top right corner next to ‘Home’, users will be able to see a drop down menu inside which the users will find the ‘Account Settings’ option

  • Click on the ‘Account Settings’ option

How to use Facebook Credits?

  • Then click on the ‘Payments’ tab

  • Finally the users will have to click on the link that shows the purchases that have been made in the last 30 days

  • The link can be found next to the ‘Credits Purchase History’

Safety of Facebook Credits

  • State of the art security features are provided by Facebook in Facebook Credits for protecting the financial information of the users

  • Information is being stored on a secured server that is placed behind a firewall

  • The transaction is encrypted

  • It has to be noted that Facebook never shares the user’s financial information with anyone

  • Any kind of fraud as well as identity theft are detected by means of Automated Monitoring

This is how users make use of Facebook Credits.

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