How to use Google+ hangout for teaching?

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Google+ Hangout is very useful tool that helps the teachers in establishing virtual classrooms at a number of places.

Some of the major advantages of the Google+ Hangout feature include

  • Google Hangouts allows the teacher to tech atleast ten classrooms simultaneously

  • Saving costs

  • Institution will be able to teach more students with minimal number of teachers by making use of this tool

  • Reduces the traveling strain considerably

  • Classes can be made interactive by means of using this tool

  • Questions can be asked by means of using FM Mikes

  • The image of the person asking the question will be displayed in a bigger way there by avoiding the confusion of who is speaking

Basic Requirements

  • Users should make use of computers with the latest configurations

  • High speed internet connection

  • The internet connection should be able to work even in the absence of power supply

  • Continuous transmission of power should be ensured by means of having an alternate source of power

  • Ensure that all the systems are connected to the inverter


Create Google+ accounts at transmission and reception levels

  • Go to Gmail

  • Enter the log in details

  • On the left side of the dashboard, users will be able to see an icon that represents ‘+you’

  • Click on ‘+you’

  • This will create the Google+ account

  • Ensure that the Google+ accounts should be created for both the transmission as well as reception levels

  • Teacher is the transmission level

  • Students denotes the reception level

  • Once the accounts are created, it is desirable to connect the nodes each other by sending and receiving contact needs

Create Relevant Circles

  • The transmission nodes should generate subject wise circles and the relevant reception nodes in the circle should be included in it

  • Subject wise circles should also be created by the reception nodes and the transmission node in the circle should be also included in it

  • The only thing that the users will have to do from their point of side is to just drag and drop the appropriate nodes on to the circle

  • Unlimited number of circles can be created

  • Users should be prepared to manage the amount of circles you create

  • Users are always expected to have a clear classification of the circles to avoid confusions

Users will now have to connect the LCD projector to the reception node which allows the entire classrooms to view the Hangouts as well as hear the audio.

  • By means of integrating the You Tube as well as Picasa accounts to the Google+ accounts, users will be able to transmit videos as well as photos

  • Users can now test the system as well as the network present at each node

  • Ensure that the audio as well as video quality and clarity is good

  • Users can make the required adjustments if they wish to do so

  • Finally users will have to undergo a few trial sessions on any topic to ensure that both teachers as well as students can communicate properly

That’s it! Now the users can conduct effective virtual classrooms by means of using the Google Hangouts tool.

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