How to use LinkOut to automatically link with friends?

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Social networking to provide a new dimension with LinkOut. LinkedIn is mainly a business related social networking site that has close to 135 million users worldwide. LinkedIn comes with a lot of user friendly features that include keeping the users regularly informed about their contacts as well as industry.


LinkedIn also helps you find the required knowledge and people in order to achieve your goals. It also helps in maintaining the professional identity of the user online. LinkedIn helps in finding the past as well as present friends as well as colleagues quickly.


Other advantages include the establishment of connections with people inside a business organization which in turn helps the users with precise awareness before looking out for a job as well as a new business opportunity. LinkedIn is a network that has many industry experts, so if the user has any queries regarding the specific topic you will get the answers for that question.


Now a new app has been launched that helps the users to actually get out and arrange meetings with the friends with whom you wish to meet. The new app has been named as LinkOut. LinkOut is available in iOS devices as a native app and in other multiple platforms as a Web app. The LinkedIn API’s that is present in the LinkOut helps in transforming the virtual networks in to real world meetings.


How to use LinkOut to automatically link with friends?


The procedure is as follows:

  • Register into LinkOut.

  • Indicate the available time and date.

  • LinkOut will automate the process.

  • Syncing happens in LinkOut with devices inn which the calendars are present and it identify a list of times when the two users will be able to meet each other.

  • LinkOut also helps in the introduction of the user with new and relevant people.




Users are also enhanced with the option of choosing the method of network too.


Mainly four methods are provided:

  • Coffee.

  • Lunch/Dinner.

  • Call.

  • Other.



The choosing of one of the options by the user will be intimated to the person on the other side. The app in many ways comes with a lot of potential but as of now LinkOut has only a few followers since there are several other apps currently existing in the international market. To most of the LinkedIn users, they are supplied with an invite option. The fact remains that gradually there will be a huge fan base for LinkOut App taking in to account, it user friendly design and utility.


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