How to use multiple communication channels in Twitter?

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Twitter is a social networking website that rose in to immense popularity owing to its user friendly features that facilitates user interaction and communication. The fact is that twitter provides several methods in order to make your communication private as well as publicly viewable. It all depends up on the specified option you choose according to your wish. The most popular communication channels available in twitter are:

  • Mentions

  • Direct Messages

  • Retweets

Mentions: Mentions are also commonly known as @ replies. One of the most important features of this communication channel is that:

  • The conversation should be sent including the ‘@’ sign that should be denoted in the beginning of the conversation.

  • The conversation that is happening or happened between you as well as the user at the other end is publicly viewable. That means that any person who is a member of the twitter site can view the conversations that have happened between you as well as the user who is at the other end. This is applicable to all the participants who take place in the conversation that is happening.

  • This multiple communication channel can prove to be of significant importance for Forums that are discussing useful conversations that is useful for the entire society. But the fact remains that unless and until you have not privatized the account, the conversation is publicly viewable. So if you are a person who likes to have privacy, then Mentions are seriously not meant for you.

How to use multiple communication channels in Twitter?

Direct Messages: Direct Messages is mainly meant for

  • Users who wish to have privacy.

  • This multiple communication channel allows only a select group of members to be a part of the particular group and only those people will be able to view the conversation. But if you want to provide any sort of ideas that can be helpful to the society, you can go public too.

  • This communication channel is mainly meant for users who love to have privacy in their lives and it is also meant for the solving of sensitive, personal as well as embarrassing customer service issues.

Retweets: This is also one of the most popularly used multiple communication channels for twitter.

  • Retweets are often known as RT.

  • It mainly displays the good quality content that has been posted by the users as well as your friends.

  • It also comes with an option of immediate context in certain conversational issues.

This communication channel provides easier access to the users who wish to tweet to the:older tweet that has been done in the Mentions. The steps for retweeting are:

  • Preceding the Mentions conversation by using the symbol RT.

  • Or you can also use the word ‘via’ in order to provide answers for the questions posed in the retweeted comment.

  • It also depends on the character limit.

  • The entire conversations can be viewed within a single update.

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