How to use old computer as a secondary monitor?

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We are at a time when the users are increasingly opting for latest generation personal computers and laptops that make use of user friendly features and come with easy portability too. The fact is that the users who where using computers of older generation does not know what to do with their computers.

The fact is that only few people know that they can make use of their older computer as a secondary monitor which in turn helps in reducing the workload as well as the time taken in completing a task from the user’s point of view. The brief description regarding the setting up is described as follows.

The main use of an additional monitor as well as an additional display arises at the time of doing several tasks at the same time. This is a time when the need for multiple windows arrives. Continuously pressing the Alt+Tab key can be a frustrating experience for many. The greatest advantage in keeping a secondary monitor is that it helps in viewing the tasks in full screen rather than by slide show views or side by side views.

How to use old computer as a secondary monitor?

The equipments that are required in setting up of the additional monitor are;

  • Graphics Card.

  • Two video headers.

For example we can take a laptop in to consideration for the position as the secondary monitor. The only thing that is needed for the set up is:

  • Simple Software Utility.

  • A network cable.

The most important steps that you as a user will have to follow are:

  • The personal Computer or laptop you are currently using = Primary Personal Computer.

  • The personal computer or laptop that you wish to add as a secondary monitor= Secondary Personal Computer.

  • Format the secondary Personal Computer.

  • Install a fresh compatible Windows operating system.

  • Set Up the drivers for the laptop.

  • Set up the network between the Primary personal computer as well as Secondary Personal Computer.

  • The configuration of the network can be done either in the peer to peer mode or the infrastructure mode and the wired networking is expected to provide maximum performance.

  • In case of wireless networking, the users can opt for the ad-hoc mode.

The following steps has o be followed for the setting up:

  • Browse the website

  • Download the free demo/ trial software.

  • The software is basically a self extracting archive that comes with two utilities namely for the primary as well as secondary.

  • First run the primary Personal computer set up.

  • Once the installation is complete. Restart the system.

  • Then run the secondary Personal computer set up.

  • Once the installation is complete, restart the secondary personal computer.

  • Once both the systems are restarted, click the respective maxvista icons present in both the computers. You will also get an icon respectively at the system tray as far as the primary personal computer is concerned.

  • In the primary personal computer you will have to double click the maxvista icons in the system tray which will initiate the displaying and also the system theme will change from the default to basic.

  • As far as the Secondary Personal Computer is concerned, Maxvista has the capability of automatically starting up and can be used as an extended display.

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