How to use rich text formatting in mail app in iOS 5?

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Apple has once again proved that it is one of the front runners in the field of technology with the implementation of rich text formatting feature that has been introduced in the new Mail App in their iOS5 based devices.

Bringing an end to the older techniques of the boring texts that will be originated on to the e-mail addresses; the latest feature enhances the users with the choice of formatting the texts as bold, italic as well as underline.

How to use rich text formatting in mail app in iOS 5?

The implementation of the new Mail App comes at a time when debates are running at full swing about the Apple’s attempt to keep in pace with android OS with Apple’s own iOS5 operating system. But the fact is that this is one area where Apple now has a clear lead over the Google’s android OS.

The new Mail App is expected to come with additional features such as flagging the e-mails as important and unread etc. The fact is that the process of text formatting as well as arranging the address fields is quite simpler than what the users might have been actually thinking.

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps in a step by step manner with utmost attention.

  • Users will have to first navigate towards the Mail App

  • Compose a new message

  • Users can drag the e-mail addresses by rearranging it in the address fields

  • Select the text that the users wishes to format

  • Users will have to click on to the right arrow once the bubble is popped up

  • Users will now be able to see the new text formatting options

  • The new formatting options consists of options such as BIU as well as Define and Quote Level

  • Click on BIU inorder to further select the format options

Flagging E-mails

By means of flagging the e-mails, users will be able to see the important mails on a quick basis. The new Mail App helps in adding the flag comfortably besides the e-mail

  • Users will have to click on the ‘Edit’ button in their inbox

  • Then select Mark

  • Now the users can mark it as

    • Either ‘Unread’

    • Or ‘Flag’ it

Even though users can consider flagging as well as marking as the basic features that the users can expect in a smartphone operating system, the additional features such as the ability to ‘text formatting’ as well as dragging inorder to rearrange the addresses are features that Apple deserves appreciation for its Mail app that has been developed for iOS5 devices.

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