How to use Skype?

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Skype is one of the widely accepted applications which help the users to enrich their communication with far away friends or relatives or colleagues, etc. It is not that you can only stay connected with far away friends, in fact you can communicate with anyone anywhere. There are many facilities included in the Skype such as voice and video chat and many more, but all through the medium of internet.

  • To avail the facilities in Skype, the first and foremost step you need to do is to download the application from the authorized website. The application is free and is available in different versions.

  • The second thing after downloading you need to do is to install the application into your personal computer. And make sure that you are downloading the appropriate version of Skype which is applicable in your operating system.

  • After installing the application will ask for the username and password, you need to fill the appropriate fields with your username and password which should be at least 6 characters

  • There are many things which you can do in Skype. To communicate with your friend or anybody you wish to, the first thing you need to do is to add them to your contact list. This can be easily done with searching Skype users through the search option or what you can do is simply press the Add a contact option on the

left corner and you can easily do the search.

How to use Skype?

After clicking the add option you will find another window which provides you a search option where you can either search by name or by email address of your beloved ones.

How to use Skype?

After adding anyone to your contact, the primary option for you will be to communicate with that person. For which you need to know how to make a call or how to chat.

  • The first step is to select a name from you contact and then you can just click on the green Call button which will be available on the right bottom of the chat box.

How to use Skype?

  • And you can manage the call with the new window which will pop up just after you initiate a new call.

How to use Skype?

It is not just about making calls; you can also use this marvelous product for chatting alone. Well, Skype is very user friendly and has many options to make you more excited. There are various versions of the application available in the internet. For instance you can download the Skype version for Windows 7 if you are using Windows 7.

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