How to use Sparrow for iPhone?

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Sparrow for iPhone is a service that provides users with better mail management experience. The app was released with two main objectives.

The objectives were

  • Providing a lot of space for the content

  • Faster working with the e-mail

The functioning of Sparrow for iPhone includes

  • It provides users with a single stream view of their e-mail with content being their primary view

How to use Sparrow for iPhone?

  • The space for browsing is kept open as well as visible with the help of navigation bar that is placed at the bottom

  • By making use of this app, users will be able to view the Gmail management options such as reply, star, tags, archive as well as trash simply by means of a swipe from right-to-left on any e-mails

  • Users will be able to see their unified account by means of clicking the folder button that is located on the top left

How to use Sparrow for iPhone?

  • Users will be able to get their account information as well as can also access the settings tab by clicking on the accounts button that is placed on the top left

  • It is always desirable for the users to enable the Facebook support feature by means of which users can easily identify their common contacts

  • The app helps in placing a Face to the name which saves time for the user

  • For navigating back to the main menu, users can swipe backwards

  • The compose icon is placed on the bottom right corner

  • The compose view is opened up by means of removing the clutter from the view and in turn provides users with more space for writing their message

How to use Sparrow for iPhone?

  • Clicking of the Title bar allows the users in swapping their email account that the users would like in sending their message

  • Users can just navigate downwards as well as upwards from the beginning as well as end of the message for reading multiple replies which provides users with a pleasant reading experience

  • Thus the entire messages are placed in a neat as well as tappable list

  • A bolded number on the left side denotes the users place in the thread

  • The only major drawback in Sparrow for iPhone is its lack of push e-mail

This is how users can make use of Sparrow for iPhone for effective mail management.

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