How to use Storify?

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Storify can be considered as a very cool visually appealing way of describing the social media stories by making use of tweets, Facebook, updates, pictures as well as other social media features.

Storify is definitely a nice way of showing the users across the world how to develop a story over the social media.

How to use Storify?

Storify can be considered as a new media format that is very interactive, social as well as dynamic. It s one of those platforms for the users by making their voices matter. Users are also able to do the following functionalities in Storify that include

  • Writing a headline

  • Giving an Introduction

  • Insertion of the text anywhere inside the users story

  • Addition of headers

  • Addition of hyperlinks

  • Styled text

Now let’s take a close look on how the users can make use of Storify

  • Initially the users are advised to create an account in Storify

How to use Storify?

  • Users also have the option of logging by means of Twitter as well as Facebook

  • Then the users will have to navigate towards the right corner in the top of the page where they can see an option titled ‘Create a Story’ that will be represented in Blue color

  • Click on the tab that denotes ‘Create a story’

  • Now the users will have to navigate towards the area where the user’s favorite social media websites icons are present

  • The icons are present especially on the right side of the new screen

  • Now the users can select a social media website of their choices that may include Twitter or Facebook etc

  • Here let us opt for Twitter as an example

How to use Storify?

  • Then the users will have to provide the username for the network that they wish to search for

  • Now the users will be able to view almost all the recent tweets from that person using the Hashtag or search query option

  • Finally the users will have to begin the dragging of the contents that are present in the social media networks that you searched for from the right panel towards the left panel where the story telling space is indicated

  • Now finally the users can add the suitable words or titles

This is how users can make use of Storify by following the above mentioned steps.

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