How to use twitter for search engine optimization?

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Google is known to rank websites based on the site speed, the inbound links to the site and the title tag. It is pretty hard to make your site interesting for the people and grab people’s attention. For this the content in the site should be interesting and people should want to share it on their blogs or other websites, say “Twitter”.

The famous Social networking site, Twitter allows links also to be posted as tweets. The social media presence is pretty good in twitter and it is increasing as well. Google constantly keeps tab on such sites with good social media presence. Hence Twitter has an impact on Search Engine Optimization.

How to use twitter for search engine optimization?

Basically to be ranked well by a search engine and hence get priority in its search results, you site needs to be full of interesting contents of satisfying quantity and excellent quality. In the case of Twitter, the greater the quantity and quality in the tweets, the more will be elevation and priority your linked pages in twitter, will achieve in the Search engine rankings.

Here are a few things you should consider before using Twitter for SEO

  • Mind the text

  • Who links to you on Twitter

  • How to encourage tweets and links

How to use twitter for search engine optimization?

Mind the text

The text you enter when you tweet a link would be considered by Search engines to determine what your link is about. The links will be built on texts. This Anchor text will also play a role in getting you linked page a higher rank.

Who links to you on Twitter

It would be very beneficial to you if famous or influential people speak or tweet about your linked page in Twitter. The fact behind this, there will be more followers for influential or famous people. So his/her tweets with your links would reach a bigger audience. Google already made it public that they take into account the author, his reputation and authority when evaluating his/her posts in Twitter. So do Bing.

Search Engines consider the following, according to SEO experts

  • Presence of a portrait or an avatar which spam accounts don’t have

  • Search engines may be able to access private information whether the account of the author is verified or if he has provided the correct email address

  • The number of followers

  • Following to follower ratio

  • The reason by which someone follows this particular account

  • Complete bio

  • Engagement and response of an account to tweets from followers as spam accounts don’t respond mostly

  • Lists created by quality people in Twitter

  • Page Rank of a Twitter profile

How to use twitter for search engine optimization?

Encourage Tweets and links

  • Create good quality content that people would share

  • Make it easy for people in Twitter to share and tweet about your content

  • Interact with your followers and impress them which would attract other people in Twitter

  • Thank those people who mentioned or tweeted about you

  • Publish your newest links and make sure they reach the audience

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