How to use Xbox 360 controller on Mac?

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Xbox 360 is one of the brand names in the gaming industry. And the applications as well as functionalities of Xbox 360 is finding newer dimensions with the users now having the ability to make use of Xbox 360 controller on their Mac device. The greatest advantage being the reduction in the strain that the users feel while managing to control the 30+ keys on their Mac device.

Basic Requirements

  • Mac that makes use of Snow Leopard OS

  • User should also have a Controller Driver with them

  • Microsoft Wireless Controller as well as Receiver

  • Gamepad Companion is also required

Opting for the right tools

  • Users will have to opt for the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows also arrives with a wireless receiver

  • The receiver is capable of connecting to four wireless controllers at a time simultaneously

Installing the Drivers

How to use Xbox 360 controller on Mac?

  • Users will have to download the latest disk image of the driver

  • Once the downloading is completed, users will have to open the .dmg file

  • Then run the installer package

Connect Controller

  • If the user is making use of a wired controller, then plugging in to the Mac’s USB port will do the rest

How to use Xbox 360 controller on Mac?

  • Where as if the user is making use of a wireless controller;

    • Users will have to plug in the USB Receiver

    • Users will then have to turn on the controller

    • Then hold on the connect buttons on both the devices that are present until the connection is being established

    • If the driver has to be monitored;

      • Users will have to open the system preferences

      • Then select ‘Xbox 360 controllers’ that is represented in the bottom row

Install Gamepad companion

  • Download Gamepad companion from the Mac App store

  • Then install the Gamepad companion

  • Always ensure that the app comes with mouse compatibility

  • Considered to be one of the best simple key-mapper

Map Keystrokes to controllers Basic Buttons

How to use Xbox 360 controller on Mac?

  • Start the Gamepad companion

  • Select the Stop button

  • Select the users controller that is located in the left most panel

  • It is often desirable that the users stick on to single-action buttons

  • Key Mapping is done by clicking on the ‘Single Key’ from the Action menu and finally pressing space on the users keyboard

  • It is often desirable to make use of the manual to get more clarity regarding the key mapping

Map Keystrokes

  • Move the corresponding thumbstick to the X-axis or Y-axis

  • Click on ‘Multiple Keys’

  • Now the users will have to enter two different keystrokes

  • Thumbsticks, X-axis can be used to move the stick to right and then to left

  • Thumbsticks, Y-axis: it can be used to move up first and then move down second

  • Triggers: Select input for the trigger initiallyand then click two times on the Capslock

Test Drive

  • Save the users new control scheme by saving it on to the Gamepad Companion’s Configuration Menu

  • Select Start that is present on the right side of the windows screen

  • Selecting Start will activate the controls

  • Finally run the game

It has to be taken note that it is always desirable that users should respect the intellectual property rights and the laws abiding by it before moving towards developing the new control schemes by themselves.

This is how users can make use of Xbox 360 on their Mac devices.

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