How to verify a Facebook account?

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Facebook is a social networking site that helped in bringing greater integration among the people across the world. Through Facebook you can chat with your friends, share your ideas by joining forums. And you can find several common interest user groups that have been created in Facebook deals with education, automobiles, and techies as well as even the colleges that you have studied or the company you have worked for.

Even though Facebook has made significant progress in controlling the spam, there is a lot more that they have to do in order to control it. There are some easier ways in verifying your Facebook user account. Some of them that I would suggest to go for are:

  • Confirm your telephone number by going to the page

  • You have to add your credit card details.

For the verification of the developer accounts in the facebook also similar kind of steps are followed. The steps include;

  • Verify your phone number.

  • Verify by entering your credit card.

How to verify a Facebook account?

This is as part of several features that the social networking site has developed in order to prevent the users from potential abuse of the site and even spam too.

  • Verifying the developer account has a greater significance in the current scenario.

  • It enhances the users by reassuring the control of the account as well as the presence of applications present in the Facebook.

The verification of the phone number helps us to make sure that the right person is in control of the account.

You will have to follow these steps to log in to the account

  • Enter E-mail.

  • Enter Password.

For verifying the account with phone number you will have to follow the corresponding steps.

  • Enter the country code.

  • Enter the phone number.

  • Press CONFIRM to verify the account.

How to verify a Facebook account?

Similarly the other way is to verify with your credit card details.

The steps include logging in first to the Facebook account

  • Enter E-mail.

  • Enter Password.

For verifying the Facebook account with credit card details

  • Enter the Card Holder’s first name.

  • Enter the Card Holder’s last name.

  • Enter the Credit Card Number.

  • Enter the Expiry date by entering the expiry Month and Year.

  • Press CONFIRM to verify the account.

How to verify a Facebook account?

If there comes any problem that says that this phone number is invalid or say the credit card number you have typed does not match the password. Then that means that the Facebook account has undergone some spam problems. If you are unable to verify the account with the phone number or the credit card number, then it is sad to say that you won’t be able to verify the account.

Another important point tat the developers should be aware of is that the developers must be verified if they wanted to create a new application.

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