How to work with Shazam music application on iOS devices?

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Shazam has established itself as a brand name in the field of music ever since the first app was launched by the company in the year 2008. Shazam has now launched its first separate iOS app for the Apple users. The app is available on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch.

The introduction of this new app by Shazam is all set to come with some of the most powerful features inorder to provide users with richer as well as more social music playback experience.

The detailed features regarding the Shazam app is defined in detail as follows.


How to work with Shazam music application on iOS devices?

  • Helps in identifying and tagging of the most played tracks

  • The most played tracks will be represented by Blue color

  • The tracks will be sorted accordingly on how often the user plays the track

  • It comes for free to play with almost all the compatible tracks


  • In the Shazam Library, users can categorize the tracks accordingly as per Artist, Album or tracks

  • Users are also enhanced with the option of the presence of a small blue speech bubble that has been designed especially for LyricPlay enabled tracks

  • Users even have the option of playing the track with the associated lyrics

How to work with Shazam music application on iOS devices?

  • The favorite tracks will be listed in the library by means of a small Blue Triangle that is located on the left side of the tray

  • The tray is generally known as the ‘Track Tray’

  • Clicking on the track tray will result in the popping up of a small dashboard that comes with features such as;

    • LyricPlay option

    • Static Lyrics

    • Sharing Options

    • Biographies

    • YouTube videos

    • Tour Dates

Uses of Track Trays

  • Track Trays makes use of two pages

  • Displays the cover art

  • Information will be displayed regarding the number of times the track is played and skipped

  • Also displays whether the track is on the good as well as bad list


  • Shazam Player app helps in the automatic import of the iTunes playlist

  • Users even have the choice of creating their own Playlists especially based on what the users like as well as doesn’t like

  • The app helps in identifying the top ten tracks and will ask the user whether they want to add these tracks to the Good list of tracks

How to work with Shazam music application on iOS devices?

  • The app also helps in automatically sorting the tracks that the user often skips while listening and it will be added on to the Bad list of tracks and Shazam will automatically skip the track based on the users earlier preference

  • Users can even queue up the songs by saving the list of tracks to the Playlist with just the press of a button

This is how users can work with the Shazam music application.

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