How To Turn Your Old Android Smartphone into a Spy camera

We bet there will be many of you who own an old Android phone or tablet that is lying almost useless.

Some might even have an Android mobile with issues like broken screen, low battery, tarnished looks or outdated version of Android etc.

Also, the resale value of these phones is simply too low..

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But, you can take advantage of your old smartphones and tablets in a lot of ways. We will show you methods, using which, you can turn your old Android device into a security camera and use them to keep an eye on your factory, office or house from a distant location.

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Download At Home Video Streamer:

Step 1

Download At Home Video Stream from Google Play Store in your old Android phone which offers great free streaming.

Activation of the app:

Step 2

Click on start now button, after that you will find the activated camera screen which will show you what is happening in the environment the phone has been placed.

Navigate through the menu button:

Step 3

On the left corner click on that tab named 'menu button.' There will be many options to browse through, plus many tactical options are also available.

Change the password:

Step 4

After glancing through the options available, you will get an option know as change password. Which I would recommend all user to do immediately.

Set the user name:

Step 5

Once the password has been set, the app will ask you to set the user name. Do set a user name using special characters and numbers to keep it safe.

Save the settings:

Step 6

After everything is set and you are ready to use the app, do save the settings and you are almost ready to go.

Return to main screen:

Step 7

As the setings have been saved, you need to return to the main camera screen where there will be certain options like QR Code, CID Code etc.

Get the CID code:

Step 8

On the main screen you will find the CID code on the upper right corner of the screen, note down that code that is going to be used, while setting your Android camera with another device.

Fixed the position of your smartphone:

Step 9

Place the Android phone on the desired position of which you want to monitor it with the help of new Android camera.

Final Step:

Step 10

Users need to download Athome Camera from Google Play. After installing the app, you need to open the app and click on the Add tab where you will get an option known as "By CID". Do fill in all the details and click on remember me.

Click on the camera icon to activate remote connection. At last you will see different camera option on screen select the camera according to your device else, select the default top most camera option. After completing these steps at last you will view the images and videos taken from the security wireless Android camera.

Ad it's done!

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