OwnFone: How To Use the World’s First Personalized Mobile Phone?

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OwnFone: How To Use the World’s First Personalized Mobile Phone?

OwnFone might look like a toy at first sight, but it a cute little phone that now has the reputation of being the world’s first personalized mobile phone. It is a very simple phone which allows users to call a person from the list of contacts and also receive calls from them. 

One of the unique features of this phone is the lack of screen display or keypad. The exterior panel of the phone will have only the name of the contacts given on top of a white colored button which makes it quite easier for children and elderly users to call their loved ones. 

Please note: Only 12 contacts to the maximum can be included in OwnFone. This phone uses a standard rechargeable battery. The company claims this personalized phone to last up to a year without charge in shutdown mode. Prior to ordering the personalized OwnFone, users will have to go through a three step procedure which will allow them to design and personalize the phone according to their preferences. 

How to Use OwnFone?

  • During the initial step, users will have to choose the contacts that they would like to include in the OwnFone. Users will be able to choose from 2 contacts, 4 contacts, 8 contacts and 12 contacts options. 

  • Second step is to choose from the range of colors provided.

  • The third step is to choose the style of the phone as per the user’s requirements.

  • Users will have to tap the ‘On/Off’ button and will have to wait for a few seconds, after hearing the welcoming tone and the flashing of the Blue light. Then users will have to choose the contact name button for making the call.

  • For answering the OwnFone call, users will have to click on the button denoted as ‘Answer’ once the OwnFone rings and vibrates.

  • A three pin charger is provided for charging is the battery which expected to last for more than three days between charges. This mobile phone is easy to carry around with an approximate weight of 40 grams.

  • It is highly compact boasting of a thickness of a mere 7mm. Call divert feature is also available in this mobile phone. This phone has already been launched in UK and is expected to be released worldwide soon.

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