Part 1: How to improve Facebook page traffic?

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If you are the Facebook user who is wishing to drive more traffic to your site, be clear that it is not at all an easy task unless the user spends some time daily in updating their Facebook page regularly and consistently.

Some of the basic understanding that Facebook users should have:

  • Users will have to ensure that they create a page update editorial by posting daily updates and also by automating and scheduling some of the Page wall updates

  • Users will always keep modifying their content types that they send to their page wall by means of posting links, videos as well as photos

  • Also try to implement a wide range of content styles such as questions, polls, mini-contests etc

  • Users should always indulge in collaborative discussions by replying to the posting that their fans make on their page wall

Automate Posting to the Page Wall

Part 1: How to improve Facebook page traffic?

  • Users can have more control over their specified timings

  • Users can even plan for automatic updates even while they are away from their computer and cannot do it manually

  • One of the most common applications that helps in the automatic import of Blog updates to the Page wall includes the ‘Deliver It’ application which allows the users to select the page that they wish to post Blog updates

Automatic Posting of Smart Twitter Updates

  • ‘Smart Twitter For Pages’ is considered to be a Facebook application that helps in the automatic update of the user’s selected page with tweets

  • Attractive dashboard

  • By means of dashboard, users will be able to view all the pages and can decide whether the users have a matching Twitter account or not

  • Users can classify the exact updates that have gone live by means of this application

Schedule Wall Updates: Leverage Hootsuite

  • One of the best social media marketing tool that helps in scheduling the updates on to the user’s Facebook page

  • Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps to add their pages to Hootsuite;

    • Navigate towards Settings

    • Click on ‘Social Networks’

    • Select ‘Add Social Network’

    • Select ‘Pages’ that will be represented below the Facebook tab

    • Click on ‘Pages’

    • Users will have to follow the same steps that they have previously done to authenticate private Facebook Profiles

  • Uses of Leverage Hootsuite includes

    • Users can schedule updates regularly

    • Pages can be updated simultaneously

    • Users can go ahead with the shared link as well as edit the pre-filled snippet by means of selecting the ‘Page Thumbnail’

Thus users can very well try these techniques to improve their Facebook Page traffic.

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