Planning to Retire Your Old Smartphone? Here are 5 Awesome Things You Could Do With it

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In this modern age, nothing gives us more joy than owning a new handset. Be it Android, or the highly coveted Apple, a new phone usually means faster interface, upgraded OS and a host of new features.

But while a new phone is always a treat, what is to happen to the handset that has served you this long so faithfully? Sure, there's the option to tuck it away somewhere, or even sell it, but what other option do you have with it?

5 Awesome Things You Could Do With Your Old Smartphone

In reality, there're boatloads of things that you could do with your old handset rather than selling it away. And if you are wondering what exactly may they be, here are 5 awesome ways you could make use of your old device.

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How does a Digital Photo Frame Sound?

There are chances that your last phone is of the phablet category or anything that's more than at least 5-inches. And if that's so, why not make your handset a digital photo frame that will stream all your photos via cloud on to the screen. You just need to get one of those several inexpensive stands and a compatible app for the same. We recommend Dayframe app.

A Gaming Device, Maybe

If you already owned an Android device, you will know that each of the handsets have the ability to run most of the games that are there on the Google Play store. You could even turn the handset into a console-type system with the help of emulators. Later, there will also be the option to connect a third party controller to it for further experience.

An Emergency Device

There will be times when even your new phone will start to act up and could shut down for some reason. This is the time when you wish you had a backup phone to help you out until your new handset starts getting normal again. Keep the handset and it will be required once more some day.

An MP3 Player For Your Home

Why should you be always connecting to your primary phone at home for music if you have a perfectly good handset sitting at home to take care of that for you. Free up all the spaces on your old phone and fill it with tracks to make it your home music system.

Make it an E-Reader

If you are planning to retire your old handset successfully, why not make it into a portable book for reading purposes. There are a host of e-books that you will find online ranging from self-help tutorials to novels by famed writers. Fill them up in your old handset and bid farewell to hardcovers (I personally prefer the hardcovers, though).

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