Tips To Secure Your Android Smartphone

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Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system (OS). However, users are facing a rapidly increasing number of malware for Android OS which significantly exceeds that of other platforms.

Should you be worried? The malware on Android could be used to collect and send contact lists, e-mail addresses etc. to third parties, which is obviously a worrisome issue for anyone.

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Thus, it is necessary to take some precautionary steps before hand to secure your handset. If you want to protect your smartphone, here are 5 basic tips you need to follow religiously.

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Use Antivirus Software

Malwares are distributed through non malicious apps that cybercriminals control. The one and only way to stay protected from them is using good quality Antivirus software. You could find a lot of free/paid Antivirus software available on Google Play store.

Use Trusted Apps only

Beware of all applications installed from unknown sources. It is recommended to install apps from authentic sources, for instance, Google Play store. So, stay away from non malicious apps.

Avoid Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

The concept of free Wi-Fi hotspots is getting started in India. Definitely we often get excited to access to free Wi-Fi. You should take a note that the public Wi-Fi can be accessed by anyone, so there are more chances of your handset being attacked by deadly viruses.

Keep Your Smartphone’s OS Updated

Never ever try to avoid software update. It is mandatory to install the latest software update. That's because the latest firmware update insures the fix to bugs.

Parental Security App

These days a number of companies are coming up with parental control software to ensure that your children don't install non malicious apps. Norton Family, for instance, is a great tool that keeps a tab on which apps/sites are being visited.

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