10 Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Can Do on Facebook

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The social networking site, Facebook has become an integral part of daily life for many of us. We relay on it to keep up with family and friends to stay connected and get updates.

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Despite the fact that we use the popular social networking every day, there are still some handy tips and tricks that make using Facebook a lot easier. Today we came up with some tips and tricks to manage the Facebook more efficiently. Read on to know more.

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Control who can see apps you use

Facebook Tip 1

Your friends may end up seeing notifications about your app activities in their News Feed, showing them them the song you listened, score on Candy Crush, which may be annoying for your friends. Well, you can stop all the app activity to share on your timeline. Here is a tip.

Log in to your Facebook.

On the left side of the screen, select More under Apps section.

Select Settings. Now You'll see a list of all apps that your have logged in using Facebook account.

To hide an app, edit the permission to Only Me.


Turn off annoying game notifications

Facebook Tip 2

If your are annoyed by game notifications on your smartphone, from Facebook friend asking us to play Candy Crush, Pirate Kings or similar games. Here is how to stop notifications.

Open Facebook app on your smartphone and go to App Settings and turn of the Application Requests.


Disconnect apps from your Facebook account

Facebook Tip 3

If you are not using any particular apps that are connected to your Facebook, it could still be collecting information from your Facebook account. You can disconnect the connected app your Facebook in the settings.

Go to Apps settings, and click on the X button to disconnect the app from being connected.


Post to Facebook from Twitter

Facebook Tip 4

Link both social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to post same content. Log into the Twitter account, click your profile image and select Settings. Connect Facebook to share.

Download your Facebook information

Facebook Tip 5

You can download all the information that you have shared on Facebook including posts, photos and more. You just need to navigate to the Settings and under General tab click on Download a copy.

Control who sees your posts

Facebook Tip 6

Before you post on your timeline, you can change the visibility setting, who can see you posts. Click on the drop-down menu, and you can choose who exactly can see your posts.

Timeline Review

Facebook Tip 7

You can review all the posts that you are tagged in and can allow or hide them from appearing from your timeline. Go to Accounts Setting and select Timeline and Tagging and select and choose Review Posts Friends Tag You in Before They Appear on your Timeline?

Login Approvals

Facebook Tip 8

Facebook has take a step further to enable login approvals, this will send you a request anytime your account is logged into from an unknown Web browser. Navigate to Facebook Account Setting and select Security and click on Login Approvals. Now, enter your phone number, which will send login approval every time you login.

Mute Notifications

Facebook Tip 9

You can mute notifications of an individual posts or group message. Go to the post, and select the arrow and click on Tap Off Notifications for this Post.

Download photos that your are tagged in.

Facebook Tip 10

If you want to download the photos that your are tagged in, then click on the photo and select Option button in the lower-right corner and choose Download.

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