10 AWESOME ways your smartphone can make your life better

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Do you use your phone only for making calls, taking photos, browsing, chatting or playing games? Well, then we must say that you have been underestimating the power of your smartphone. Your smartphone is smarter than you think it to be, for it is capable of doing some very interesting things than just for connecting with the world.

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Thanks to the new age smartphone features and utility apps, you can to do some regular tasks quite easily and smoothly using your very dear phone. All you have to do is to find out ways in which you can use your phone for making your lives better. And trust us it is very simply, and doesn't require geeky skills!

Here we give you 10 AWESOME ways in which you can use your smarter phone for a better life.

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Operate home appliances without even moving!

Smartphone can make your life better

Did you know that most high-end and many mid-range smartphones can operate some of your home appliances including TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine or others remotely! Well, most smartphones come with Infrared (IR) blaster or have in-build feature that enable them to connect with some of your home appliances. You can use it as a remote to operate multiple connected devices. Moreover, there are other connected devices that work via Bluetooth to be operated via your smartphone that can act as one smart controller for all.

Double up as input devices for computer!

Smartphone can make your life better

Did you know that your smartphone can also function as a mouse or a keyboard for your computer! In case you keyboard or mouse is not functioning properly, you can use your Smartphone to act like one, by simply making use of the relevant app. There are several apps that can turn a phone into a wireless touchpad, keyboard or mouse for your computer. All you have to do is download these apps and install connecting client software on your computer (if needed), and turn your smartphone into the input device of your choice.

A secure Key to your home!

Smartphone can make your life better

With smart homes now becoming a reality, there are home locking systems available that can give your smartphone the capability to become the key to your home. It can free you from carrying bunch of keys and make your life simpler and easier.

Start your car remotely, and keep a track of it!

Smartphone can make your life better

So far smartphones have been used as navigation and entertainment devices for cars, but did you know that you could also use it as the remote key to start or lock your car! While there are a very few premium segment cars that come with smartphone-based locking system, there also are other smart car locking devices available for you if you don't own a luxury car. You can install one such system into your car and can start or lock your car remotely using connecting app on your phone.

Design your space virtually!

Smartphone can make your life better

Do you have a knack for interior decoration and designing, then why spend a whopping amount on an interior designer. In case you want to redo your home or want to add some new furniture to your apartment of office, make use of your phone to do that with the help of apps. There are apps like Home Design 3D and Autodesk Homestyler that can help you do so using augmented reality technology. With these, you can design your home virtually by trying out different style of furniture for your room without actually buying them. There are apps that let you try wall paint colour for your home and check if the combination works for you!

Use it as a Wi-Fi router

Smartphone can make your life better

You can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router by turning it into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Doing so, you can access internet on multiple devices by connecting these through your smartphone's internet using hotspot feature.

Use it as a web-camera

Smartphone can make your life better

Most laptop don't have impressive camera, and most desktops users don't have a web-cam. In case you want to make an important video call from your desktop or are not satisfied with the quality of video using your laptop's camera, you can use your phone to double it up a web-cam for your computer. All you have to do is download a relevant app on your phone to turn in into a web-cam for services like Skype and Viber on your computer.

Become your Health and fitness monitor!

Smartphone can make your life better

Did you know that your smartphone can actually keep a track of your fitness and health regime? Health and fitness segment is one of the most popular ones among smartphone users. Most of the high-end phones come pre-loaded with health and fitness apps and trackers, but that doesn't mean that a lower-budget smartphone can not do similar operations. Your low-budget smartphone can also monitor your health and fitness by tracking speed and distance walked, schedule your work out, and do more right, using relevant apps like HealthifyMe.

A scanner and data recorder

Smartphone can make your life better

Your smartphone can become a scanner using apps like camcorder and more. It can be used for keeping business cards, food bills or other bills or any sort of documents safe and come handy when required.

Your Wallet:

Smartphone can make your life better

You can use your phone for accessing bank services, and for making transactions and other payments online. It can also save you from carrying your debit and credit cards, if you choose to make digital payments using NFC, though this is still not a very popular mode of transaction in India. There are a few stores like Shopper's Stop that have started accepted payments digitally via dedicated apps or even using NFC tech.

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