10 iPhone Headphone Tricks You Probably Didn't Know Yet

    Headphones are traditionally believed to be a single utility device or an accessory. However, with its growing usage among the smart device users, they have now been deliberately given multiple functionalities by their makers. If not all, Apple has been keen on this area as its headphones have quite a lot to offer beyond its basic purpose of delivering good audio output.

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    Not much similar functionality can be quite expected from other devices, esp. Android. Although, Google has its own set of headphone functionalities, beyond delivering good audio experience to the users, engraved in Android UI, they are not quite polished exquisitely.

    Apple's headphone is not solely responsible for the deliverance of its other functionalities but one should also consider the significance of Apple's UI that has been built to comply with the multi-faceted functionality of their headphones.

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    First of all, there are only three buttons (+, -, and Center Button between the two) that you can find in iPhone headphones and that's the standard number of buttons you will find in all headphones that come along with the smartphones. But one can't fathom the number of functionality that these three buttons can initiate. Here are some:

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #1

    iPhone Users can activate Apple's voice assistant Siri by merely pressing and holding the center button.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #2

    While for this one you will have to launch the Camera app first. From there, point the camera at the subject and press the volume-up (+) button on the headphone to take a shot.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #3

    The center button in your headphone can be best used for moments when you have to pause or play any videos that you are playing on YouTube or music that you are listening on your phone. You just have to press the center button once.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #4

    iPhone headphones can also allow you to skip songs on your music player. If you don't like the song and are lazy enough to grab your phone, merely press the center button twice.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #5

    Not quite a lot of users know this one in particular. You can actually play previous songs on your iPhone by merely pressing the center button thrice quickly.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #6

    It's possible if you are like "Whatttt!!!" To fast forward a song on iPhone you will just have to press the center button twice and hold the third press.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #7

    This one might take a while to adapt to but it gets easier once you start using it. To rewind a song, press the center button thrice and hold the center and down (-) button on the third press.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #8

    This is probably the basic functionality of the iPhone headphone that quite a lot of people would already know about. If you get a call, press the center button to answer it and press it again to hang up.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #9

    You can simply press the center button and hold for approximately two seconds to decline an incoming call. Your call will be declined only after you hear two beeps.

    10 iPhone Headphone Tricks #10

    This one as well is not much popular among the users as ony few know how to use this functionality. If you are getting another call while you are already on a call, press the center button once to switch calls. But if you would want to end the call, press and hold the center button down for 2 seconds.

    Do let us know if we have missed any tricks here and you are welcome to share other tricks or tips which you like the most in the comment section below.


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