10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Your Android device can do so much of task in day todays life, starting from playing games, music, and videos, to email, chatting and web browsing. There is no end to the tasks you can carry out on your phone.

Still, there are many users out there to try out every available option you see on the screen, or familiar with the system. For those, today we have collected 10 useful Android tips and tricks that may improve your experience while using your Android device.

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Use your Android smartphone as remote control

Tip #1

One of the amazing feature in the Android smartphone is you can control your PC or laptop with the help of some apps like TeamViewer and others.

Transfer your files to PC wirelessly

Tip #2

In the era of wireless connectivity, why use cable to transfer the files? Install apps like AirDroid 3 and enjoy the wireless transfer without any hassle.

Track your device

Tip #3

Have you kept you mobile somewhere? Or lost your mobile? No worries! With some options like Android Device Manager and other apps, you can track your mobile phone.

Surveillance Camera

Tip #4

With apps like IP Webcam, you can use turn your smartphone to a Surveillance Camera.

Enjoy multi player games

Tip #5

Some multi player games including Asphalt 8, Brothers in Arms 3 and Let's Golf can be played on your Android device.

Gaming Device

Tip #6

Android can pair up with a MHL cable and project games to any TV.

Record your screen

Tip #7

Android devices can pair up with a MHL cable and project games to any TV

Heart Rate Monitor

Tip #8

Android platform provides app like Instant heart Rate which is useful in providing heart rate of the user.

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