11 Cool Tips And Tricks Every Android Smartphone User Should Know

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Think you know everything about your phone, every feature, well think again. We are about to show you some the most cool and even hidden features of your Android phone. So here are 10 cool tricks to optimise your Android phone, let's check them out.

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Back-up your photos (automatically) for free


You can back-up all the photos on your Google+ account that too without the need of sharing them with the world. To do this just go to Google+ > Settings > Select Auto Back-Up option and follow the instructions.

Make your phone snappy with faster animations


If want to make your phone run fast, then you might want to disable those animations and transitions. You can do so by going to Setting > About Device > Build Number - Now press it seven times and you shall have developer's access. Under Developer options you can find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Do a Google search from anywhere


Now you can act like Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man and talk to your Jarvis a.k.a. Google, all you have to do is just say ‘Ok Google' and it shall initiate a search from any screen. To enable these settings in your phone go to Google App > Google Now > Settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection.


See useful information on your lock screen


Are you tired of again & again unlocking your phone just to have a quick look at something, well then you don't have to anymore. Go to Settings > Security > Enable widgets, then go to the lockscreen - swipe left and click the big plus sign - Now you can select which widgets to place on your lockscreen.


You aren’t tied to the Google Play store


If you think that one can download apps only from Google Play store, well then think again. Amazon has an app store of its own and sometimes even offers apps for free that would cost a good amount of money on Google Play store. It also has something called ‘App of the Day' section that gives out cool offers.



Changing Default Apps


You can change the default app settings done by the company in your phone; Go to Settings > Apps - Swipe right & go to All Tab > Select the App & click on Clear Default.


Save battery on GPS mode


You can save a lot of battery life especially when you are on the go, if you are not using too much of GPS services. Android has a built-in setting that allows you to select between three different modes: high accuracy, battery saving, and device only. Just go to Setting > Location > Mode, this way you could save that much needed battery percentages.


The home button shortcut


You can launch Google Search by swiping up on the home button or with a long-press on the home button. In fact the Home Launcher App allows you to use this gesture to launch the app of your liking. You can download Home Button Launcher from Google Play and ‘Add' all the apps that you wish to appear in the shortcut.


Shut Off Autocorrect


In order to avoid those embarrassing moments those happen when the Autocorrect changes a word to something that you don't want to actually send to your boss or wife. Just simply Go to Settings > Language & input > Click on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g. Google Keyboard. Look for Auto-correction and turn it off.


Try out different launchers


If you are bored from the same old mobile interface of yours then it's time to use some of those cool Launchers available at the Google Play store. Nova, Yahoo Aviate, ADW and Buzz are one of the most popular and free launchers available in the market. These launchers can also make your mobile interface run faster and more interesting.


Locate and wipe your lost phone


Stolen mobile phone is a nightmare for anyone or having it misplaced is another frustrating thing too. So what to do in situations like these? Panic! No...You play it all smart by remotely locating, locking and even erasing your phone. Ofcourse there are various apps available these days to provide such services but very few people know that there is an in-built feature too. With Android Device Manager you can do just exactly that, just go to google.com/android/devicemanager, select your phone and choose to locate it, ring it, lock it, or even erase it.

You can do so much more with a simple tool, if you know how to use it; this article is probably on the similar lines. Hope you enjoyed the tricks and will use it to improve your Android experience.


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