5 EPIC DIYs: How to Make Your Smartphones Waterproof on a Budget

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Mobile phones have witnessed a major transition in the last 5 years. From feature phones to smarter phones, rectangular pieces of chunk to meticulously built good-looking phones, VGA cameras to the much sophisticated dual-camera phones, yet one thing hasn't changed over the years.

5 EPIC DIYs: How to Make Your Smartphones Waterproof on a Budget

Yes, we are talking about their inability to be resistant to water and dust. Lately, a few high-profile companies like Apple and Samsung have launched water-resistant phones but, not all of us can afford to burn a hole in our pocket right?

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So, we've come up with a way to make your phones water-resistant on a low budget. Here's how to do it:

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Use a water resistant case

One way of making your phone resistant to water is to put physical barriers on it so that water doesn't enter your smartphone. You can simply buy a water resistant case to prevent water from entering the ports. Amazon.in has a good collection of water resistant cases, you'll easily find one for your phone.

A balloon can actually come in handy

As funny as it sounds, you can use a balloon to protect your phone from water. All you have to do is buy one and wrap it around your phone.

Cellophane Wrap

Bring that cellophane wrap from the kitchen and wrap it around your phone to make it water resistant. Make sure that you wrap it around the phone neatly so that water cannot pass through it.

Do yourself a favour and get a Dry bag or Zip Lock

A Zip Lock or a Dry bag can be very useful if you immerse yourself in water sports. Just put it inside the dry bag or zip lock and lock it. Cool right?

Waterproof sprays

Waterproof sprays use nanotechnology to create a layer on your device which repels liquids and oils thereby making it waterproof. While some of these sprays last for 30 minutes, a few last for as long as 1 year depending upon your usage. One such spray is NANOSTATE.

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