5 Important Tips To Protect Your Eyes While Using Smartphones

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Many of us know, that sitting close to the digital screen will have worst effects our eyes. That's why our parents probably told us not to sit too close to the television. As the technology tends to grow, the digital screen varieties also expanding.

Few years ago, it was just TV screen, but now the things have changed pretty much to smartphone, iPad's, tablets, hand-held gaming consoles and etc. We tend to spend most of our day in front of PC's, Laptops and other digital means for works, project and other activities.

So what can you do to prevent eyestrain?

Today, we compiled a list of tips to prevent your eyes while using Smartphones and Tablets:

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Tip #1

While using your device, adjust your display brightness according to your situation. This either you can do it manually or automatically in your smartphone or tablet. Also, there are apps available to manage the brightness according to your environment light.

Tip #2

Try to hold your smartphone at some distance. Most of the users hold only about 8 inches from their face. But, try to accustom by holding it at least 15 inches away from your eyes.

Tip #3

As per the rule, after every 20 minutes of staring at screen, take 20 seconds break and look at something, which is 20 feet away.

Tip #4

According to researchers, blinking often keeps eyes moist and reduce dryness.

Tip #5

When you are using smartphone for long, try to wear reading glass. Otherwise make sure, your mobile has anti-glare coatings if not, you can buy anti-glare coating.

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