5 Simple Methods To Restore Deleted Text, Photos, Videos And Data Files From Your Apple iPhone

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One of the worst feelings among the smartphone users these days is the one when the entire data in the phone gets wiped out without you having a clue about it. Sadly, these are sometimes inevitable and happens even after you take precautions.

It happens sometimes that we accidentally delete photos on phone or lose them due to some glitch or damage caused to the phone. It especially hurts losing some important or best photos from the gallery when you or somebody else carelessly formatted the SD card.

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If you too have ended up randomly deleting those memories, in the form of photos in phone, don't worry because you can get them restored in your phone. We give you tips to restore photos on your Apple iPhone running iOS 8 and above. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

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Recover Deleted Photo in iPhone

It is possible to dredge through iPhone's storage using few programs like Data Recovery for iPhone, but these are unreliable when it comes to recovering data and there will be limited chance of success. Instead, download iBackup Viewer, which offers much features like backups and supports iCloud, additionally, you can download any of the files instead of the full backup.

Apple iCloud To Restore Deleted Files In iPhone

You can backup your iPhone in two ways: iCloud or via PC. You can wirelessly backup your iPhone on iCloud. Navigate to device Settings >> iCloud >> Backup >> Back Up Now. However, if you delete a contact, photo or a note from your iPhone, then the file will be deleted from iCloud as well. So, it is recommended to backup locally your iPhone on your PC and restore when needed.

Recover Deleted Photo In iPhone

It is advisable to local backup your iPhone using PC every month, just as good practice. This will create a backup files as part of the process, which contains the latest text messages, notes, photos, call history and much more.

iPhone Recover Data

To get back the accidentally deleted files, open the native photo gallery on your iPhone and then go to Moments section. Now go to the Albums option at the bottom of the Moments section and look for the Recently Deleted folder and open it. iOS automatically stores the deleted photos in the Recently Deleted folder for a period of 30 days and then automatically delete them permanently until user choose to save them back.

Restore iPhone Using iTunes

You can restore the old data using the iTunes. Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes. Make sure iCloud is turned off on your iPhone. In iTunes right-click on your device and select backup.

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