5 New ways to transfer data from your Smartphone to your PC

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It has become a conundrum to transfer files between the Mobile and PC. For several old-school people, who still use the computer still feel safe when their mobile data is backed up on to their PC's.

It was still difficult and expensive to transfer data in the heydays. New technologies have made it simpler, safer and faster to transfer data from Mobile devices to PC's.

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While transferring data with a data cable still remains a foolproof way to transfer your data. We show you 5 different ways you can transfer your Mobile data onto the PC.

WiFi direct

Users can share data through WiFi access points.Users can transfer data between devices that are connected through a WiFi access point.

Cloud Storage

A slew of Cloud based apps allow you to save your photos,songs and Documents directly onto the Cloud. You can use Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox or any other cloud to save your files which can be accessed from a PC or any other mobile device.


Bluetooth is one of the older methods of transferring your files from your Mobile Phones to the Laptop or PC. You can pair your mobile devices with a Laptop and transfer your files with great ease. You can also password protect your Bluetooth to prevent unauthorized usage.

Use E-mail

E-mail still remains a great way of sharing your files. You may have documents typed out on your phone which you may want to send to a person accessing it from a PC. This is the best method as people still use the E-mail where physical transfer of data remains a challenge.You can even send photos or Videos across the cloud

OTG Drive

The new OTG drive from SanDisk allows you to directly transfer files from your Phone to the Pen drive. Which can be later connected to the PC and accessed from there.

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