5 Simple Steps To Reduce Data Consumption On Android Smartphones

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Data consumption on Android smartphones is the one biggest concern for every users. Many apps on Android devices works silently on background and tend to consume data unknowingly.

While, losing maximum data from allotted monthly data for background apps or social networking apps is definitely one big concern.

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But, most users have a constant query regarding the measures that they should take to reduce the data consumption on their cell phones. Thus, GizBot has come up with simple tips to save your precious data.

However, Android comes with bunch of tools that can save data with simple techniques. You just need to tweak with the device settings to reduce data consumption. We have jotted down some tips that actually makes your Android smartphone to consume less data. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

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Disable Auto-Sync

Tip 1

The best way to save mobile data is by disabling account auto-sync option and it also increase the battery life. The Auto-Sync option is hyper-active on background and uses data to get the real-time to bring in notification for Gmail, Facebook, Calendar and other accounts, which consumes more data.

To disable auto-Sync, go to Accounts menu in Settings and tap of auto-sync option to disable


Set Data Limit

Tip 2

Android smartphone comes with an ability to set data usage limit and restrict background data usage. To enable this go to devices Settings >> Data Usage and activate "Set cellular data limit". Use the two sliders to set monthly data limit and also a to warn for certain data use.

Update Apps Only Using Wi-Fi

Tip 3

One of the best option to reduce mobile data consumption is to update apps over Wi-Fi only. To do so, go to Google Play Store and open the Settings and tap on Auto-update apps. Now select Do not Auto-update apps or Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

Chrome Data Saver

Tip 4

Chrome come with a great features called Data Saver. It compress all incoming traffic and use less data to load pages on smartphone. The feature saves a good amount of data with the same browsing experience.

To activate this feature, go to Chrome Settings >> Advance >> Data Saver and activate the features.


Offline Maps

Tip 5

Google updated its Maps app with a new features called Save Offline Map. You just need to downloaded all the map data on your device before traveling. Just open the Google Maps and search the destination, and tap the menu and select "save offline map".

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