5 Simple Tips For Safe Online Shopping This Festival Season

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Gone are the days when the we go to a shopping center and purchase the product of our choice and handing over the credit card to the store keeper. Technology advancements have paved the way for increasing online shopping trend. And everything you will get on your internet tips itself.

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However, online shopping has its own risks. The popularity and profitability of the online retail has resulted in unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of unwary shoppers. But one major factor that the user is wary while doing online shopping is giving the credit card details, if the user land in the wrong online shopping website, then the user is sure to get disappointed.

Here are some tips by means of which you can shop online safely.

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Use Familiar E-commerce Site

Tip 1

Shop on a trusted site rather than shopping with list provided by search engine. Search results can lead you many sites, especially when you see few pages of links. If you know the trusted sites then there are less chances to be rip off.

Look For The Lock

Tip 2

Always look for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in the e-commerce site. You will know if the site has SSL in the URL of the site. The SSL site's URL will start with HTTPS:// instead of just HTTP://.

Save or Print Copy Of Orders

Tip 3

It is always a good to keep document of your online purchases. Most retailers send emails or refer links to a web page with a confirmation of purchase. It is better to print the confirmation page until you receive the product.

Use Strong Passwords

Tip 4

One of most critical security concern is that least attention to passwords. It is recommend to use strong passwords and they are the best security defenses we have. Online shopping sites have all the details of your credit cards and more.

Use Credit Cards

Tip 5

Credit card can be the safer choice for online shopping. If someone manages to intercept your card, so that cards have spending limits. Considering using a credit cards, some banks offer One-Time Use or Virtual Credit Cards, which are designed specifically for online shopping

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