5 Simple Tips To Set Up Wi-Fi At Home For Better Connectivity

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Wireless network is a new buzz in today's home. With all latest gadgets like tablets, smartphones and laptops. Many users are concerned about the wireless signal connection.

If your is Wi-Fi network running slow at home? Don't worry, here is a solution for that. Most people don't even bother with the Wi-Fi router settings. It is typically set up by the service provider and it remains same for longer time.

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We have jotted down few workaround for better connectivity. Read on to know more.

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Get the right router that suites you

Tip 1:

You can find variety of routers in the market depending on your budget and need. Before buying a router, decide what functionality you want from router: for work or for entertainment.


ADSL vs non-ADSL Router

Tip 2:

If you got internet connection from your telephone service provider like BSNL, then you need to get an ADSL router. If you have a local cable operator as service provider then you will need a non-ADSL router.

Multiple Antennas

Tip 3:

Routers with multiple external antennas will increase the overall range of your router. It is recommended to get routers with multiple antennas, which is ideal for environments like homes.

Opt for '802.11ac' router standard

Tip 4:

The 802.11ac standard router can data transfer three times faster than the 'n' standard. The 'ac' standard provides better network performance and you can use older devices without any problem.

Place Router Correctly

Tip 5:

If you have trouble in Wi-Fi coverage in your home, then it is most likely because of where you kept the router. Ideally you should place your Wi-Fi router in a central location at home, and away from walls, mirrors and other electrical equipment.

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