5 Tips To Make Better Use of Google Maps on Android

Android users can now make use of Google Maps in an efficient way with these useful tips and tricks. 

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Google Maps has been the best guide for any Android users. With Maps, one can stay updated with any routes and find out the most accurate locations of nearby places.

5 Tips To Make Better Use of Google Maps on Android

Other than just being updated about the routes and places, there are a lot of more tricky things that you can do with Google Maps.

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Here are 5 tricks and tips to boost up the Google Maps on Android and additional benefits to doing much more than just looking for places, and discovering routes.

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Use the Google Now Command While Your are Driving

While driving, Google Now is the best friend that one can have, but that's a daunting task to drive and check the route in Maps. But no more as Google Now speaks to the commands to you so that you can listen up the route details and are not required to look at it.

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Use the Google Maps Offline

Google Maps can also be used offline doing so can save a lot of data. The user can just simply download the routes of the maps and then access it offline.

You can Watch on Your Speed and Speed Limits

Android users can check on their speed and speed limit on Google Maps, rather than just look out for the route details. The user is just required to install the Velociraptor - Map Speed Limit app.

Plan Trips with Google Maps

With Google Maps, users can easily check the public traffic status just by navigating to public transportation tab on the Google Maps and then tap the "Depart At" button.

This will allow the user to set the arrive at details as well, which will which turn will let the user easily check the traffic and other related things they can face during their trip.


Add Multiple Stops to Your Route

In case a person wishes to choose a different direction, unlike what was displayed by the Google Maps, the user can just use the three-dot menu and select the hamburger icon under it.

They can then simply drag and rearrange their route as per their convenience.

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