5 Ways to Solve Connectivity Issue in Your Smartphone

    It often happens that even though one has a good and working data pack, the internet often fails to connect or simply doesn't work on their smartphones. This not only affects our work but also absolutely annoying.

    5 Ways to Solve Connectivity Issue in Your Smartphone

    Facing connectivity issues are a very common problem that almost all smartphone users are experiencing today.

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    To combat this issue, most smartphone users often lookout for ways to resolve these connectivity issues. Hence we at GizBot have here enlisted some solutions to solve the most talked about and faced connectivity issues.

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    Have Wireless Service But No Internet

    Many times, your phone is able to make and receive calls but fails to browse the Internet properly. In that case, you can simple toggle OFF the mobile data and switch it ON again.

    If it still doesn't work, then all you need to do is contact your wireless provider's customer care department for them to review the wireless account and check for any problems on their end.

    Signal Strength of a Smartphone is Weak

    It is a common instance that for a smartphone to show one or two bars of service, and fail to stay connected to the mobile Internet.

    All one is required to do is switching the location to where they can get at least more than 2 bars of signal strength and then try accessing the mobile Internet again.


    Verify the Mobile Data in ON

    Often it happens that the mobile data is accidentally turned off or disabled. Isn't it an obvious reason why the mobile internet is no longer functioning properly.

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    To turn it ON and make it function properly, all one needs to do is change the settings of their smartphone which may differ as per the mobile model.

    First, tap on the Menu key, go to Settings and select Wireless and Networks option, and then ensure that the Mobile Network check box is toggled ON or has a check mark, and the Use Packet Data is enabled.

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    Check the Mobile Data Limit

    There are several smartphones available in the market that allow the user to set a limit on the data usage, and how much data is available or allowed to use. This is one tool that can help a smartphone user from accidentally going over on their data plan.

    Mobile Data Doesn't Work in All Locations

    If there is a problem with a tower in a particular area, this often indicates a smartphone user might suffer from a network issue. In this case, all one needs to do is contact their Wireless Service Provider's for help and fix the issue.


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