6 Tips to Never Lose Your Photos While Traveling

So what is the one thing that you are interested in while traveling and what is the one thing you treasure when you get back from your trip? The answer is obviously, Photos. Not only they say that a picture speaks thousand words, but it also stores all those beautiful memories and wonderful moments.

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But what if the memory card in which you stored all your photos got corrupted, or you lost your camera or you accidently formatted your device. Sounds scary right! But don't you worry here are 6 tips to avoid losing your photos while traveling everything from multiple storage device to backups and even data recovery.


When you are not satisfied with your photos then don't delete them instantaneously unless you are running out of space.

Because doing this may damage the internal file system that tracks each image, and you could end up with a corrupted card.

Not even through PC should you delete images but instead copy the images off of the card and then format the entire card using the camera. This way the memory card's file system is refreshed and there would be a very less probabilities of errors in future.


While on a holiday don't just take one memory card with you but instead buy multiple cards, as relying on one memory card can be dangerous. Because if that one memory card gets corrupted or broken or misplaced then you will lose all your data at once. Instead, always carry multiple cards with you and use them alternately, so even if you lose your one memory card but at least you won't lose all your data.


Now once you have multiple memory cards with you, there arises a need to take care of them all too. Just like any other thing memory cards are susceptible to things like Water, Dirt and Excessive Heat. So in order to protect them from all these elements you can get something like the Eco-Fused Card Carrying Case which has 8 plastic pages that can hold up to 22 cards. Or you could go just choose a Generic Card Carrying Case.


The best way to safe guard your data is to have backup and more backup of your backup (if you are paranoid). You can store your data on the laptop but if that's too heavy for you to carry with you on a holiday then we suggest you invest in a chromebook or a tablet. But if you are going to use a tablet then you will also need an OTG cable.


If backing up your photos on a laptop or a tablet isn't an option for you or if you need more security & accessibility for your photos then Cloud Storage is another option for you. There are two cloud services that offer free and unlimited storage space like Amazon Prime Photos and Google Photos.


If any of the above things don't work for you and your card gets corrupted then what? Simply just look for a data recovery program that can bring back your precious photos. Most computer systems have a data recovery program of their own and if that doesn't work, then there are softwares like Recuva, PhotoRec and Pandora Recovery.

So we hope that now after knowing all these tips you will never face a situation like data loss while traveling and will be able to relive all those wonderful moments of your holidays by looking at the pictures.


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