8 Fortnite tips and tricks you should know

    Fortnite will be exclusively available for the Samsung Galaxy Note9

    By GizBot Bureau

    If you’re a serious gamer, you know what Fortnite is and have played it religiously, if you’re just into gaming casually, you have heard about it and have played it a few times. But the popularity of Fortnite is so huge that even if you aren’t a gamer, you will have at least a handful of memes about the game.

    8 Fortnite tips and tricks you should know


    Regardless of whether you’re just jumping into games or are a powering your way through obstacles to get a victory royale, there are a few things which might help you make some progress.

    The following eight tips, tricks, and secrets given below will help you survive and master “Fortnite”

    Make sure you do not land in the main regions

    The named regions like Tilted Towers and Wailing Woods are usually the places where all the action is centered. Landing smack dab in the center of these locations will give you nothing but trouble. Landing near one of the houses dotted all over the map will let you get a large variety of supplies.

    Keep track of chest locations

    Unlike weapons and supplies, the location where you can locate treasure chests is not random. Though these locations might change in the future. There are also dedicated to tracking the locations of these chests.

    Learn to build a basic structure- a “1x1”-in seconds

    One of the key tools you can use to survive in Fortnite is conjuring up structures out of thin air. You can re-map your button layout in order to master fast building if you're using PS4 and Xbox One.

    Switch to a “Builder Pro” layout

    Switching to a "Builder Pro" layout will help you map a particular material to a shoulder or trigger button. You can make "1x1" shelters in seconds.


    A lot of the action in Fortnite takes place in close quarters and having something like a shotgun handy will help you shoot your way through a lot of your enemies.

    Wait a bit before you jump on Battle Pass challenges

    Battle Passes adds a lot of unlocks and quite a number of progression systems. New challenges pop up every week, the best course of action is to always wait a few days before jumping into it as a lot of players with the same agenda as you are bound to be crawling around.

    The right way of deforestation

    When you're taking down trees in order to gather materials to build, you will be putting yourself in the open and you have a very good chance of getting shot at, the three things that you can do to minimize your chances of getting killed are jumping while you cut trees, hitting the concentric circles on the trees to get the job done faster and also not cutting the trees all the way down, by leaving a little bit of health behind as this will make sure that you won't be noticed.

    Shield potion

    The shield potions that are available to you are much more useful than bandages and medical kits in "Fortnite."

    Adding an additional bar of health instead of replacing the health you lose is a better way to survive.


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