Customize LED Notifications on Android with Simple These Tricks

    One annoying thing about smartphones is the constant notifications. Though the notification LED alerts the smartphone users about the missed calls and the messages they failed to attend, it has its own pros and cons.

    Customize LED Notifications on Android with Simple These Tricks

    The notification LED of an Android phone helps a mobile user to get an update on what occurred or who called or texted when they were away from their phone. However, we also can't deny that these notifications are often extremely annoying.

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    We at GizBot have come up with ways to customize these LED notifications on Android phones with these simple tricks.

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    LED Blinker Notifications Lite

    The app notifies the user about every alert that hit their phone. LED Blinker updates the user with the notification LED and allows them to set an individual setting option for each app present in their mobile device.

    Using LED Blinker, a user can actually add different LED notification colors for various battery percentages. For instance, if the battery has 30% charge the notification color will be different from that of when fully charged.


    LED Flow – LED Control

    LED Flow app allow users to customize the LED as per their requirement. The flow feature of this app makes the LED cycle through colors in a case of multiple notifications.

    How LED Flow Works?

    LED Flow app includes notifications vibration control and works with any Android device, whether rooted or not. Using the app one can not only control the notifications but can also set the sounds to different notifications including repeating sounds.

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    Light Manager – LED Settings

    The app has the ability to quickly and easily control the LED notification of a phone. Light Manager-LED Settings has a simple user interface, as it includes a range of settings option that they can try and three different modes including normal, alternating and screen mode.

    How Light Manager Works?

    The app displays the notifications right on the screen, like that of Android's ambient display and Samsung's Always On feature. Using this app, the user can also change the notification settings by either enabling or disabling the time and date.

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