Do You Use Public Wi-Fi..? Here Are 5 Riskiest Mistakes To Avoid

    We all use Wi-Fi for our personal gadgets like smartphone and laptop. And moreover, we love to use public Wi-Fi as it is available for free in our local coffee shop, airport or in a shopping malls.

    These free Wi-Fi makes it easy to get online anywhere. But, there are few risks while using free Wi-Fi like security threat, personal data hack and more. However, a little awareness will help you to keep you safe and stay connected.

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    Today we came up with few security tips, do's and don'ts while using a free Wi-Fi. So read on to discover the top five mistakes to avoid when using a public Wi-Fi.

    Public Wi-Fi Threats

    Online banking or shopping using the public Wi-Fi or unsecured network is always a risky task. Bank uses encryption to keep your details safe, but some public Wi-Fi are not encrypted and are not secure and increased chance of hacker to get your data.

    Here is what to do instead, for greater security use home or workplace network to do online banking or to make any financial transactions. If you really have to do banking on the move, try using mobile data instead of public Wi-Fi.


    Public Wi-Fi Security Mistakes

    Public Wi-Fi offers speedier internet connection than 3G network in your phone. You might access a weak connection, if the router is far from your. Well, your phone's data connection offers faster speed than public Wi-Fi network. The latest standard, 4G offers a real boost in speed over 3G and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Public Wi-Fi Security Mistake

    Any security weaknesses on your device will make it more vulnerable for hackers. Not enabling a firewall on a Windows PC or not installing an anit-virus app on smartphone is a mistake. Always keep your device safe with anti-virus applications, and get latest OS updates that will fix any security issues in the device.

    Public Wi-Fi Security Issues

    The lack of password in public Wi-Fi makes it easier for other to intercept your data. Avoiding free networks is the safest option. However, if you are going to use one, then take a moment to verify its authenticity with the provider and avoid making any financial transactions or shopping online.

    Avoid Installing Software Using Public Wi-Fi

    Installing software using public Wi-Fi can potentially expose your computer or smartphone to malware infections. If a free Wi-Fi has been created with an intention to steal details, will prompt you to install an update that can load a program to steal all your personal data. Instead, to be safe, avoid installing or updating software using public Wi-Fi.


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