Enhance your FB messenger experience with these 7 easy hacks!

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Facebook and its Messenger app are arguably one of the most used social networking platforms in the world, on any given day. It is but obvious that you use Facebook Messenger atleast once a day.

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A lot of people rely on the app to help them reach their loved ones in a faster way. The app has undergone a lot of changes in the past years and slowly transformed into a standalone messaging app. Here are the top 7 nifty tips and tricks you can use to make your Facebook Messenger experience better.

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Group Video Calling

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

If you are on the latest version of FB messenger on Android or iOS, just open up the specific group that you wish to video chat with. Now, tap on the Phone icon and select the people that you wish to chat with. Yep, it's as simple as that.

Play Basketball

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

Facebook keeps doing peculiar things and this is one of them. You can now literally play basketball right from the Messenger app! And the way to do is also brilliant. Just select the person or group whom you wish to challenge to a game of virtual basketball. Now, from the emoticon menu, select the basketball and send it to the recipient. Voila! You can now tap on the emoji and choose to play a really addictive game of basketball, even challenge others to beat your high score.

Play Chess in Messenger

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

You can play Chess with your friends without having to leave the Facebook Messenger app. It takes a bit of effort to play though. First, type ‘@fbchess play' in-chat and the chessboard will appear, prompting the recipient(s) to play first. You can then select pieces using K for the king, Q for the queen, N for the knight, R for rook or P for the pawn. Once you've selected your piece, add the letter and number representing the space you want to move it to.

Mute notifications

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

Sometimes you are added to annoying FB groups or just have a creepy stalker, who keeps messaging you the entire day without much context. There's an option to help save you from all the trouble, without the hassle of blocking or unfriending people. It's called mute. Yeah, you can simply mute the annoying groups and chats by long pressing on the conversation and selecting the ‘Mute Conversation' option. There's a toggle that lets you mute it for even a complete year. You know what to do here.

Do you approve this message? Send them a big like!

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

Recently, Facebook added a small Like button shortcut to the left of your keyboard that lets you send the company's trademark emoticon to your preferred conversations. Little do people know, this ‘Like' button comes in different sizes. If you tap on the button, it sends out the default size but long pressing on it reveals two bigger variants that give complete validation to your friend's point!

Change your friend’s name!

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

No, it isn't quite that lucrative as it sounds like but you can use Facebook Messenger to give different nicknames to different people in a group you are part of. So, next time change your friend Thomas' name to Tom and Jacob's name to Jerry and see the fun that ensues. You'd love to be a part of this Tom and Jerry feud!

GIFs are God’s gift to mankind!

Nifty tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger

This is the best part about Messenger's various new upgrades - GIFs! GIFs are video-like images that last around 2-3 seconds and are made up of various frames put together. They can be anything random from movie scenes to funny bloopers and you can now send them to any conversation making it all the more funnier! Try it out today.

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