Five Simple Steps to Set Sleep Time for Music on Android [How to]

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We all love listening music at any point in time, especially after you are tired and returned back to home. You want to listen to music while going to bed, however, once after you go into a deep sleep, music might be irritating and it may wake you up.

Here's How You Can Set Sleep Timer for Music on Android

If you are a person who won't woke up to sound, there is another cause with this as running music overnight will drain your smartphone's battery life. How to solve this?

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Recently, a lot of manufacturers have been coming with their own strategy to solve this issue. While, the only solution is to embed a sleep mode into Music app. This is an absolute solution for this. Having said that, every manufacturer pre-install their own music app on their smartphones.

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While some of them have this feature with the integrated music app, some of them won't feature this, especially the stock Android's Google Play Music won't come with the feature.

So, follow the below mentioned simple steps to setup sleep time for music on Android.

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Download an app called Sleep Timer (Turn music off)

This can be done with the help of an app called Sleep Timer, which is available to download for free in Google Play Store. Download the application and open it.

Open the application

Once after downloading the application, just open it and hit the circular button on the main screen. You can change the sleep time by dragging the yellow bar around the circular button.

Start playing music

Now, just start playing music from any of your music apps, whether it be Google Play Music or Saavn or Spotify.

You can also play music within the app itself

The best part is you can play the music from the Sleep Timer app itself by clicking the 'Start and Player below the main circle. From there, it will take you to your default music player and you can start playing music.

Go to sleep and the music will turn off after your given time

You can happily go to sleep now as the application will stop your music after the desired given time period.

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