Follow this Simple Trick to Delete Yourself from the Internet Completely

Developers in Sweden have created a website that can help you delete your online presence with just a few clicks.

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The online notoriety is only increasing as cyber criminals are only getting better at what they do and while the world moves to more internet of things, cyber attack may become a great burden for many.

More Importantly, it can be a threat to your privacy as well as your valuable information.

Follow this Simple Trick to Delete Yourself from the Internet

While the internet can be both bad and good, there hasn't been an easy solution to completely delete yourself from the internet until now.

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Significantly, Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck have created a, website which is now offering a chance to users way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in just few clicks.

As such, the site uses Google's security protocol to wipe the accounts clean. The program runs on the user's computer, and not on the website's servers to further maximize privacy at all times.

Follow this Simple Trick to Delete Yourself from the Internet

So you need to log in into the website with a Google account. It then scans for apps and services you've created an account for and creates a list of them with easy delete links.

Every user account that the website finds gets paired with an easy delete link pointing to the unsubscribe page for that service.

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So, by just making few clicks you're useless accounts will be deleted, and depending on how long is your entire list, you can be account-less within an hour or so.

Erasing yourself completely is not always possible, but if you follow these steps, you can certainly come close.

Follow this Simple Trick to Delete Yourself from the Internet

However, the downside of this website is that it sometimes doesn't pick up everything you've created an account for.

For some of the smaller web services, the delete button is greyed out and fail to appear sometimes. But the big web services like Facebook are there.

Hopefully, the site will improve in the days to come it'll offer more options for self-deletion.

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