Gmail 'Undo Send' Timer Can Recall, Cancel, Or Unsend An Email: Here’s How To Use The Hidden Tool

Gmail 'Undo Send' Timer Can Recall, Cancel, Or Unsend An Email

An email is a powerful tool for communication. Emails are simple to create, quick to send and offer a reliable way to keep records of information exchanged with multiple parties. However, errors such as missing an attachment, including the wrong people or sending them unintended content, typing an incorrect email id, and more, are quite common. An email that's sent with errors, is not just nearly impossible to stop or but users can't prevent unintended recipients from accessing content. Google's Gmail does have a simple trick to stop the email from shooting out. Let's see how to use the feature.


Gmail Has An Option To Delay Sending Out An Email

While there were several email providers in the early years, Google's Gmail has emerged as the favorite of the masses. It offers a very simple and intuitive user interface. Frequently needed actions are clearly marked and easily accessible.

The "Compose" button in Gmail is a good example. It is big and marked clearly. However, unlike composing and sending an email, it can be difficult to recall it. Gmail does offer an option to actually delay sending out an email after hitting the send button.

Gmail calls the feature to delay sending an email "Undo Send", and it is easy to use the same. However, the feature needs to be correctly configured. To access the feature, head over to Gmail from a web browser, preferably from a desktop computer or laptop.

In the top right corner, click Settings and then See All Settings. Head over to Undo Send and select the cancellation period. Although Google allows 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds, it would be wise to select the most time available. At the bottom, click on Save changes.

Can Gmail's "Undo Send" Actually Recall Sent Emails?

Gmail's Undo Send might not be the right name. It can be a little confusing because the feature does allow recalling an email, but for a short duration of time only. Specifically speaking, Gmail holds on to the email even after a user has hit send.


With Undo Send activated, an email that has been sent does not head over to the recipients immediately. Instead, the email moves from the Drafts folder to a temporary location, which could be called an "Outbox".

According to the timer set by the user, the Undo Send can be used to pull the email that has been sent. However, Undo Send is unable to recall an email that has been sent a few minutes ago. Basically, the feature cannot call back an email that has left the user's account and is on its way.

Hence, it is prudent to set the maximum allowable time in the Undo Send setting. Thereafter, every time an email is sent, users will have 30 seconds to reconsider and prevent the email from actually being sent on its way.

With the setting activated and timer set, immediately after an email is sent, Gmail will show a floating pop-up within the main window which says: "Message sent", and the option to "Undo" or "View message". Needless to mention, clicking on Undo, will halt the email in its tracks and pull it back into the Drafts folder.

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