Here are 5 ways to find out the person who stole your Smartphone

    Losing our mobile phones is the most common instance that all of us often experience. Here's how you can locate your smartphone after your misplaced it.

    Here are 5 ways to find out the person who stole your Smartphone

    Our smartphone often has our personal information stored in them, and in the case of misplacement, its a huge burden on us about the safety and security of the information.

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    Here's for the Android users, to easily track their lost phone, and save yourself from revealing you personal details to a third party.

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    Android Device Manager

    Android Device Manager is functionality that is built-in all Google Android device. Turning this option 'ON' in your settings can help you get your lost phone back.

    After the option is enabled, you can use it on your android phone or desktop to easily and quickly find your lost phone.


    Family Locator

    Family Locator allows the user to create a collective with their family and friends, and this is exactly how you can keep a track on your stolen or lost smartphone.

    This app is available in your Android play store, with which the user will be able to use the app to find it and help them get it back.

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    Cerberus is an anti-theft application, which has a set of features including-locking and resetting your phone to restrict the thief to have access to your personal documents.

    This app has access to the front facing camera, in order to take a picture of the thief. Cerberus is a must for all the smartphone users out there.

    Prey Anti-Theft

    Prey Anti-Theft is an Android app that helps the user find your phone in case it goes missing.

    The app has basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm. Like Cerberus, this app can also take pictures to see where your device is located and also gather network information to locate your device.


    Where’s My Droid

    Where's My Droid is a simple to use the app, but consists of a lot of features like finding your phone, locking it up, and much more.

    The app can send across "GPS Flare" when the battery is low so that the user can get the last location address, which in turn will help them find the phone when stolen.

    Through this app, the user can also find your phone by text messages and includes several other unlock features including-remote wiping, keeping the app from being uninstalled, and hiding the app icon.

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