Here are 5 WhatsApp Pranks You Should Try Right Away

    WhatsApp has recently come up with several new features to improve its users chatting experience. However, WhatsApp users can do much more than just chatting, like playing a prank. Interesting right?

    Here are 5 WhatsApp Pranks You Should Try Right Away

    Now that WhatsApp has made life extremely easy for its users with its whole new range of features, the user can have awesome fun while using WhatsApp.

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    Yes, WhatsApp users can not only chat with their beloved ones but can also play pranks with them. Read more to know how.

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    Change Your Friends WhatsApp Picture Without Their Knowledge

    es, WhatsApp users can simply change their friend's WhatsApp display picture without even touching their phone. All the user needs to do is Download a cartoon image>Resize and rename it>Save Image on SD Card.


    Create a Fake WhatsApp Conversation

    Yes, WhatsApp users can actually create a fake WhatsApp chat to fool their friends, and play a prank. All the user is required to do is download the Yazzy app from Google Play Store.

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    Hide the Images Inside Other Images

    All WhatsApp users must have received some weird images that look different and display something else when clicked on it. You must have often fooled your friends with such images.

    To make such pictures on your own, the Android user can just install Magiapp and the iOS users can try out the Fhumb app.


    Send Prank WhatsApp Messages

    To send prank messages to friends, all you need to do is know their unique id, by going to Settings>About Device>Status. After you get the number, you can go to the 'Prank Whats' website and fill in the details that are required.

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    Spy on Your Friend's WhatsApp Without Touching their Phone

    A WhatsApp user can simply download WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2016 to hack their friends account without touching their phone or just by knowing their mobile number.

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